Collateral Events

Of Spaces & Time
PIFD Gallery

Master’s Collection
Gaddafi Alhamra Alhamra Art Museum

I, too, am a part of this history
Presented by Foundation Art Divvy & The Fakir Khana Museum
Fakir Khana Museum, Hakiman Bazar, Bhati Gate, Lahore

Everyday Glamour
Taseer Art Gallery

Under the same sky
A solo show by Syed Hussain
Studio – O, O Art Space

Nurjahan Akhlaq
Rohtas II Gallery

80’s talk
Nairang Art Gallery

Pindropdin Appearance
Various venue

Lahore Colours
Zulfis Art Gallery

River in an Ocean- The Creative Process
Gurumangat Road

Resurgence (Landscapes)
Ejaz Gallery

4 rooms installations
Paint Bucket Gallery

Pecha Kucha Night: Text and Drawings: Markings in the city
Alhamra Arts Council

Jewellery By Sheraz Faisal
Rohtas Gallery II