Youth Forum


The Youth Forum is an initiative of the Biennale Foundation (LBF), where LBF, along with different institutional partners, will actively engage with younger audiences that include in– school and out–of–school children, through public and private sector schools from all across Lahore. These interactions will create conversations through arts via community building programming that will connect children nationally and globally, all the while fostering a greater interest in the arts.

This collaborative effort will include creative workshops, community art outreach, craft competitions and activities for younger children and families. LBF’s vision is that such a forum will continue to exist after the Biennale as an initiative spearheaded by students themselves under the patronage and funding of relevant institutes. Under a democratic student council, the Youth Forum will exist as a collaborative that regularly holds community art initiatives/workshops with a special focus on youth engagement with the arts.


Kite Making
Story Telling
Truck Art