Lahore Sangat – Plaques

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Lahore Sangat is an informal association of Lahoris that works to remember and pay tribute to the extraordinary women and men not always sufficiently acknowledged, by mapping where they lived and worked and putting up distinctive blue enamel plaques in their memory.

Lahore Sangat honors and celebrates the rich tapestry of Lahore and Personalities that have made the adage “Lahore Lahore ai

These exceptional individuals  were painters, writers, poets, architects and master craftsmen, wrestlers, storytellers, actors, scholars, teachers, revolutionaries, philosophers, jurists, cooks, weavers, embroiderers,  designers, doctors, philanthropists, saints, mystics, musicians, singers, freedom fighters, dancers, sportsmen and women, dramatists, travelers, composers, publishers, journalists,  theatre and film personalities. The list is part of an ongoing process that is being added through additional research and contributions by the people of Lahore and beyond.

The objective of the plaques is not only to honor the personalities but also to generate an awareness and instill a sense of pride amongst the people who live in the vicinity of the significance of their locality and neighborhood.

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Sangat Lahore conducted this project in collaboration with the Commissioner Office Lahore, Municipal Corporation Lahore and Walled City Lahore Authority.

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