Open Call for Pakistani cinema enthusiasts: LBF Virtual Museum

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Cinema holds the power to transport viewers to other worlds and realities, allowing them the opportunity to see life through eyes other than their own. And, this transportive power was never more important than during the Covid-19 pandemic where countless individuals cut off from community and the outside world sought refuge in cinema. During trying times people turned to films and the stories they spin for some relief from their pandemic stricken reality, whether it was rewatching old favourites or discovering new genres, cinema became a source of comfort and connection. This human affinity for cinema is a consequence of mankind’s innate need to tell stories about the world, afterall it was through stories passed down that humans first learnt to understand the world around them. And, this rich storytelling tradition informed the genesis of visual cinema– a medium which both created new worlds and reflected the present one, allowing everyone to see something to relate to. 

The Lahore Biennale Foundation and Sarmad Sultan Khoosat are calling all film buffs, cinephiles, fans and lovers of Pakistani cinema to share their favourite frames from Pakistani films and what those scenes mean to them. Pakistani cinema has been through multiple evolutions and has millions of fans that have journeyed with it through its many phases. It has had an undeniable impact on those who grew up watching it, and most everyone has different memories associated with it. By reflecting on local cinema and the memories associated with it, cinema aficionados should select three frames from a Pakistani film and send in a meaningful word associated with each frame that conveys their emotions about their chosen frames. The chosen word/s should reflect what feelings arise when viewing that frame and why that frame holds a special place in the heart of the viewer. These contributions will be used as part of a public project in the cinema component of the Lahore Biennale Foundation’s Virtual Museum.



  • Interested individuals must send in three frames from one or more Pakistani films
  • Interested individuals must also send in one word per frame 
  • The word/s can be in any regional language, but must be sent in along with Urdu and English translations of the word
  • All submissions are appreciated, but all may not be used for the project 


*Submissions to be emailed to:

Deadline for submissions:

28th July 2022 

Sarmad Sultan Khoosat is a trailblazing Pakistani director, actor, producer & screenwriter, taking Pakistan to Cannes, Busan & beyond.

As a director, he is best known for his feature films: Zindagi Tamasha (which won the top prize at Busan Film Festival in 2019 and was Pakistan’s official submission to the 93rd Oscars) and Manto (which received tremendous critical acclaim internationally).

As a producer, Sarmad & Khoosat Films made history when Joyland became the first Pakistani feature length film to screen at the 75th Cannes Film Festival (2022) & win the Jury Prize in Un Certain Regard.

With a career spanning 20+ years, Sarmad has directed some of South Asia’s most celebrated Film & TV projects, such as Manto, Humsafar & Shehr-e-Zaat.
In 2017, he was awarded the prestigious Pride of Performance Medal (one of the highest civilian awards conferred by the President of Pakistan) for his outstanding contribution to Pakistan’s Film & TV industry.

The Lahore Biennale Foundation is partnering with the British Council to develop the LBF Virtual Museum.