Shehr O Funn

Naila Mahmood

Jutland Lines Area, Karachi, 2015
Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Cotton Rag, 9.5 x 14.25

Naila Mahmood lives and works in Karachi, Pakistan.
Naila Mahmood is a visual artist, writer and documentary photographer. Her work revolves around the complexities of urban spaces, human rights and research based social projects.
For LB01 the artist’s project consisted of photographs, text and reflective poetry about the city of Karachi, its migratory history and urban citizenship. In particular, the photographs dealt with inner city kitchens, they are reflective of the larger issues of urban density and ensuing pressures for Karachi.
Mahmood’s work has been shown nationally and internationally including in Pakistan, USA, India, Dubai, Germany and England. She teaches at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and is Director of Vasl Artists’ Association.

Text and image source: Lahore Biennale Foundation