Shehr O Funn

Rasel Chowhury

Railway Longings, 2014
Ink jet on archival paper, 10.5 x 9 inches

Rasel Chowhury lives and works in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Railway Longings, exhibited at LB01 is a photographic series that documents the train route towards Chowdhury’s hometown. Recalling the memory of his childhood journey, Chowdhury negotiates a reconciliatory space of the past and observes the changing landscape of his country through this series: “There was a time when railroad was the only way for me to reach to my birthplace, Jamalpur. I almost stopped my 181 km long train journey after finding a newly built bus road. I have started my train journey again and photographed the experience filled with nostalgia and also the change of landscapes and rail structures ranging from villages to towns.”
Chowdhury graduated in photography from Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute. He has exhibited work at the Dhaka Art Summit (2016), Syngenta Photography Award Exhibition, London (2015), Singapore Photo Festival, Singapore (2014), Eyes on Bangladesh, New York (2014); PIX Photo Exhibition, Delhi (2014), and the Photo Quai Festival, Paris (2013).

Text and image source: Lahore Biennale Foundation