Rabbya Naseer & Hurmut ul Ain

The distance between you and I, 2020
Twelve pieces of dyed silk, variable dimensions

“Distance between you and I” is a work that changes its form with every iteration, in response to the site. It aims to address notions of identities and boundaries, in an attempt to complicate the relationship between you/other and I/self. These identities are both personal and collective and the boundaries are both permeable and impermeable.

The recent iteration of the work divides time and space into opposing positions of history and place. The presence of veil in the space hints at questions around acts of imposition, freedom to make choices, the possibilities and limitations of self-expression in public spaces, and the poetics of intimacy and vulnerability for affect. The work speaks about self-censorship; overt/covert expression and the continuous dialogue between reality and representation in our attempts to give form to ideas that exist outside the realm of form. It aims to speak about a multitude of everyday actions that are forced into shades of legality, propriety and acceptance.

Commissioned by Lahore Biennale Foundation