Afro-Asian Genealogies in Colonial Penang by Simon Soon

By new forms of participation in the Boria festival (Muharram procession), marginalised Malay communities in Penang registered their presence within the colonial port city. The performances recognised the complex urban cultural web through which the performance’s socially and economically redistributive potential resides within. This presentation connects the Boria to the ... More

Approaching the Mughal Past in Indian Art Criticism by Devika Singh

The talk examines the model value of the Mughal period in MARG, the leading art journal of post-independence India. It discusses key historiographical questions of Indian art history, including the broader interaction of national cultural identity with global modernism.

Cinema Between Video and Film by Lalitha Gopalan

In this lecture, Lalitha Gopalan unpacks the relationship between art cinema and festival films that shape nearly lost, independent films, and argues for an alternative genealogy of Indian narrative cinemas.

Jump Cut: Lahore Cinema 1960s/2010s by Iftikhar Dadi

This presentation discusses the question of continuity and rupture in Pakistani cinema, by comparing two films: Susraal (1962) and Zinda Bhaag (2013). Both films are notable for marked sensitivity to their location in Lahore, and deal with desires and aspirations of non-elite everyday life. However, rather than both inhabiting a ... More

Revolutionary Pasts and Decolonial Futures by Ali Raza

In a moment where far right nationalisms are ascendant across South Asia, it’s easy to overlook a shared past that was alive with hopes and possibilities of a more liberated and enlightened future. Few projects expressed those hopes with as much vigour as Communist Internationalism, by far the most radical ... More

Fugitive Histories in Publication by Naila Mahmood

Old Urdu books of all genres reflect their readership, and the cultural ethos of an era that witnessed major transformations. As well as their ‘content’, books carry personal memories, reflected in the journey of the book itself through changes in ownership. This photographic project examines the histories embedded within Urdu ... More

Women on Aeroplanes: Editorial Meeting

Women on Aeroplanes is about to touch down in Lahore. During the stopover we'll have a public editorial meeting to design and imagine the next issue of its Inflight Magazine. Experimenting with format, each edition of this international, multi-part research and exhibition project becomes a light container for research-in-progress; a ... More

The Populism of Piety by Maryam Wasif Khan

By the second decade of the twenty-first century, seventy odd years in Pakistan's existence, ideals of nationhood and state have been transformed into a radically reimagined Muslimness. This is constructed within popular novels and television series authored by bestselling writers, Umera Ahmad, Nimra Ahmad, and Farhat Ishtiaq. Is this "new" ... More

Lecture by multi-lingual writer and scholar Adania Shibli

The talk highlights methods of visibility and visuality that depart from treating otherness' as an essential requirement for self-perception; an approach that was largely instigated by Lacan's concept 'mirror stage'. Instead, we revisit proposals that locates the self within otherness, by perceiving the self as a reflection of everything. These ... More

Artist Talk by Jeanno Gaussi

Berlin-based, mixed-media artist Jeanno Gaussi discusses the process behind her artwork titled Peeran-e-Tombaan exhibited during LB02 at the Punjab Institute of Language, Art & Culture (PILAC).

LB02 Film Forum

Film screenings in various locations as part of the Biennale's Film program curated by cinema theorist and researcher Ali Nobil Ahmad.

LB02 Academic Forum

The Academic Forum is an integral dimension of the Lahore Biennale. It aims to foster broad and imaginative discussions on art, culture, and society by bringing comparative and cross-disciplinary perspectives from other locations to Lahore. The Academic Forum brings over a dozen distinguished international curators, critics, and scholars to give ... More

LB02 Youth Forum

The Youth Forum initiative of the Lahore Biennale Foundation (LBF) actively engages with younger audiences that include in-school and out-of-school children, through public and private sector schools from across Lahore. The Youth Forum is a free educational resource and community building program that aims for inclusion beyond socio-economic boundaries. For ... More